Connect on every level

Jacques’ branding workshops have helped organizations of all types and sizes go beyond their “Why” and become more deliberate with their identity, actions and messaging.


His most popular sessions are:


The essence of a brand lies in the emotions it evokes from its audience. You might have a mission statement and core values, but in order to take your brand to the next level, you need to identify how you want to make people feel. This session runs 2-3 hours, covering the full spectrum, from silly to serious. You’ll leave with a true brand voice and identity that will amplify your ability to grow and maintain your audience.



Are you making the most of every touch point, customer relationship and opportunity for impact? Paired with Jacques’ brand essence workshop, a 1-2-hour relationship journey mapping session will provide you with a framework to chart your customers’ aspirations, inclinations and pain points so you can proactively craft the experience you aim to create. Maximize your relationships and stop letting business slip through the cracks!