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Instantly Applicable Insight

Jacques is the ideal speaker for groups and organizations seeking a spark of inspiration and motivation through fresh takes on branding, business and marketing.


Topics include:


The next level is real and it can be found through greater self-awareness, sharper messaging and stronger relationships. Refocus and prioritize your actions based on your unique definition of “the next level” and take inventory of tangible steps you can take to reach it. Often we just need a reminder to let go of the good things in life in order to reach for the exceptional ones. 



Realize it or not, you have a personal brand; it’s just a matter of whether you’re actively crafting that brand or letting it sputter on autopilot. Design your life, business and relationships more successfully by uncovering your values and purpose. From the clothes you wear, to the car you drive, to the pen you write with, this talk will help you take inventory of your decisions and how closely they align with your intentions.



What does the wave of the millennial mean for you? Learn how to communicate and build trust with the generation that has the attention of every business owner, executive and marketer. This presentation is best followed by a panel and Q&A, which Jacques can arrange and moderate. Sample video below. 

 Hear Jacques talk about how unlock your next level:



2018 California Restaurant Association
Marketing to Millennials Event