Restaurant Industry Experience

Jacques and his firm have a rich history of helping to refresh, refocus and energize restaurant clients all over the country.

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Those efforts include the “Eat Real, Fuel Good” campaign by Luna Grill as they expanded from 19 to 49 locations in three years and “Admittedly, we’re a little cocky” for Crack Shack as they have grown from a single location to five locations and counting.


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Working with T S Restaurants Group, he has helped to breathe new life into their incredible brands including their Dukes locations that are some of the highest grossing restaurants in the industry,

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He recently led efforts to rebrand San Diego Restaurant Week and make it “A Week to Remember” and now provides ongoing support to the California Restaurant Association leading panel discussions and directing their “Marketing in a Minute” email series for restaurant members.

Hear Jacques talk about how to take your restaurant to the next level:


Jacques is an ally to any organization. He brings a level of creativity, passion, resourcefulness and authenticity that elevates everyone in the room.
— Jackie Reed, CEO of T S Restaurants


2018 California Restaurant Association
Marketing to Millennials Event